X One Bike

The X One electric bicycle is so futuristic that it’s features are ahead of the time.

X One electric e-bike has a very sleek design and some futuristic advancement charged with new technologies. This is its characteristic which makes it very different from other e-bikes available. It is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 pounds. This price will revolutionize the e-bike market at a later time. This e-bike will also set an example for the e-bikes manufacturers of how should an e-bike be.

In today’s world where everyone wants to easy their lifestyles and manufacturers also making products which are easy to use and safe for the environment. Electric bikes are the new trend covering all the globe. Many manufacturers making bicycles which are best for the environment.

X One Bike Handle

Manufacturers also giving some extra features in their electric bikes to satisfy their costumers. Many manufacturers trying to keep their electric bikes short, simple and easy to use. To cope up with these challenges X One has introduced their e-bike which is way beyond the e-bikes available in the market right now. It is like a future e-bike available in our time.

Fully loaded X One bicycle have some futuristic specifications

The X One bicycle is made up of aluminum and its fork is made up of carbon fiber. Both aluminum and carbon fiber are light substance make the body of this e-bike as light as possible. The design is very smooth and sleeky and has the best handlebars. Overall, it has the best design and sleeky look.

Now, lets talk about its power. It is equipped with a rear hub motor. This e-bike comes to switch two values of their motor. One is 250W and the other is 750W. It depends on the model in which the motor will be presented. Both models are best in their own areas.

250W version of the X One e-bike can reach a speed of 32 km/hr or 20 mph. It has two types of assistance. It comes with peddle assist as well as it can run on the motor it depends on you how you are going to use it.

750W model can achieve a speed of 45 km/hr or 25 mph. It comes with throttle assist. All of its specifications should cover various rules and regulations of the EU and United States to be available to run on the streets or sidewalks.

It comes with a 42 V battery which gives it a long power life and a good power backup. It can run upto 50 to 75 km range once charged. It’s battery’s 576Wh capacity make it possible.

Braking system is also so futuristic that it is equipped with gyrosensor which predicts how steep the slope of the rode is. According to which it adjusts it’s breaking power. It also comes with the hydraulic brake system. One can adjust the braking strength according to their steadiness. It also has a regenerative brake system that activates when rider pedal backward. It can also be activated by livers on handgrips or handlebars.

This bike is equipped with sensors which are what makes it a futuristic one. One of the interesting features is that it lights when you make turns. It also has a photosensor which adjusts its light according to the sunlight. It increases the brightness of headlight as the sunlight begins to get low. It also has a torque sensor that reads your peddle speed to enhance the pedal assist. This sensor enhances its quality and specifications which makes it a perfect futuristic e-bike of this era.

For its security you don’t have to carry a lock as it has a face recognition technology. This will unlock the bicycle when the rider will sit on the bike. This facial recognition technology can also be used to open the sidelights by just the movement of the riders head.

Currently the manufacturer of X One bicycle is taking Pre orders. Though it’s the price is high, it will definitely be a steal just because of its specifications. This is so futuristic that admirer will definitely buy this masterpiece.

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